Thank you!


Medicine Mama is not coming to an end, but rather transitioning into something bigger and better ✨
I’m leaving this account open because I follow way to many awesome accounts, but you will no longer see post from me here. I have turned all of my attention to @amouracandle
If you have purchased candles from me in the past, check out my new page. I have so many exciting, luxurious candles and home decor coming, I can’t wait to continue my creative journey.
Medicine Mama taught me so much about business, creativity and who I am and what I believe in. I wish I had time to continue to pursue CBD products. Maybe one day, I will! Until then, thank you all so much for supporting me these past couple of years!

(I will periodically check this account, so please contact me if you would like a custom product such as a pain salve. The lovely knowledge of my recipes will never leave me😌)